Creating the Children’s Advocacy Center                       of San Francisco


Together, we are creating a place where harm stops and healing and justice begin. We are creating a community that keeps our kids safe.

Children in San Francisco face danger in the very places meant to nurture them—in their homes, schools and neighborhoods:

A support system exists, but is not easily accessed. Without a strong, centralized infrastructure in place, families confronting abuse and violence can’t easily access services—and practitioners can’t easily share crucial information.


The CAC provides a place where trauma stops and justice and healing begin. The CAC is modeled on the simple but powerful concept of multidisciplinary coordination to create a best-in-class response to incidents of child abuse. Core services include:

The CAC will co-locate with the Center for Youth Wellness, a new non-profit that takes an innovative approach to addressing the root causes of childhood poverty, including trauma and stress.


The CAC is created in partnership with the Office of the City Attorney, Office of the District Attorney, Human Services Agency, San Francisco Police Department, the Department of Public Health through the Child and Adolescent Support Advocacy and Resource Center, and University of California, San Francisco.


In the first 5 years, the CAC will:



In spearheading the creation of the CAC, the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center is grateful for the early vision and steadfast leadership of:


Below are links to the types of media materials that we are working to create for the future CAC.



Katie Albright, Executive Director, San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center