Community Education

Our Child Safety Awareness Program provides education and training to schools, PTAs, civic organizations, clubs and professional groups about the prevention of child abuse and neglect, both inside and outside of the home. Our SafeStart program provides education and training for parents and community groups about the impact of violence on children and how best to support their growth.


Child Safety Awareness Workshops

Provide elementary school children with specific information and practice skills that will help them in dealing with dangerous or abusive situations. Training includes fire and traffic safety, responses to emergency situations and how to resist and report sexual and/or physical abuse. Trainings are available in English, Spanish and Mandarin. Learn More

Parent & Caregiver Seminars

Raise parent and caregiver awareness about child safety issues and the impact of exposure to violence on children and encourage parents and caregivers to reinforce the lessons their children have learned in Child Safety Awareness trainings. All trainings are available in English, Spanish and Mandarin. Learn More

Service Provider Training

Provide training for child-serving professionals on how to identify and report suspected child abuse and neglect and how best to support the growth of children who have been exposed to violence. Free trainings are offered to childcare workers, teachers, law enforcement officers, medical personnel, social workers and other professionals. All trainings are available in English and Spanish. Learn More