Staff & Interns


Katie Albright Executive Director
Steve Abrams Counselor & Group Leader
Kathy Baxter
Director of Education, Advocacy & Systems Improvement
Director of Child Abuse Council
Victoria Bowers Therapeutic Caregiver
Alysha Catalano Events & Communications Officer
Damien Chacona Operations Supervisor
Heather Clendenin LeMoine Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment Coordinator
Stephanie Clowdus Client Care & Program Support Assistant
Carol Davison Counselor & Group Leader
Isabel De Trinidad Bookkeeper & Account Manager
Helena Edwards Community Services Coordinator
Keith Edwards Director of Finance, HR & Administration
Marva Edwards Family Support Center Supervisor
Sherry Ezhuthachan Strategic Partnerships Manager
John Fenwick Clinical Supervisor
Kate Frankfurt Chief Development Officer
Malcolm Gaines Clinical Director
Riva Gardner Client Care & Program Support Assistant
Adrienne Gvozdich Data Coordinator
Rebecca Ho Clinical Care & Office Coordinator
Daphne Humes TALK Line Supervisor - Temporary
Molly Jardiniano Senior Program Manager, Education & Outreach Services/Child Safety Awareness Director
Rhea Mistades Family Support Center Coordinator
Blia Moua Senior Program Manager - SafeStart
Kyle Naganuma Client Care & Program Support Assistant
Nara Ng Human Resources Manager
Erika Pappas Child & Parent Educator
Jenny Pearlman Community Education & Communications Manager
Heather Pitre Senior Program Manager, Counseling Services
Joyce Sabel TALK Line Supervisor
Roxana Sanchez Child Safety Awareness Educator
Daniel Sapoznick Senior Program Manager, TALK Line
Kelly Shea Associate Development Director/Campaign Manager
Maria Sobol Clinical Supervisor & Intern Training Manager
Russell Stephens Playroom Coordinator
Ward Stern Volunteer Manager
Elissa Stevens Client Care & Program Support Coordinator
Abigail Stewart-Kahn Director of Strategic Partnerships
Andrew Tan Therapeutic Caregiver
Alia Vander Lind Development Associate
Larry Yip Director of Children & Family Services
Karla Zambrano-Armijos SafeStart Coordinator

Clinical Interns

The TALK Line Family Support Center provides a clinical intern training program for individuals pursuing advanced degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, and Social Work. Supervised by licensed professionals, our clinical interns provide therapeutic counseling to children, families and caregivers. Learn more about the Clinical Training Program.

Aramie Brooks-Salzman
Cassidy Busch
Emily Bonelli-Padow
Ell Jackson
Jennifer Lindstedt
Isabel Pinner
Anne Seiler
Zachary Stahl



Theresa Dick Counselor & Group Leader
Susan Frankel Clinical Supervisor
Graeme Hanson Consulting Psychiatrist
Rebecca Robbins Clinical Supervisor
Karen Wilcox Counselor
Anita Moran Training Consultant & Group Leader
Chris Stewart Consultant